Pakal Seeds


After exploring the world to cultivate our inner space, we realized that there is no place like home and we return to our roots.

Upon realizing this, we decided to create a place where growers can find the best cannabis varieties and that’s how Pak’al Seeds was born, which means planting in Maya.

We seek, through cannabis, to take you to that mythical time in which humans traveled between the world of the gods and the earthly through medicinal and playful plants. For the Maya, the land was revered as a life-giving mother. In the sowing there is the constant rebirth, the link between the earthly and the divinity; something as everyday as planting can become something divine thanks to the bond that exists with mother earth.

And that’s how the great Ajaws crossed the threshold of the human to enter the world of the gods through plants that open that portal.

Today so far from this triad of the sacred-human-earth we can recover a little of that celestiality thanks to the planting of our cannabis; return to our roots with the earth. For Pak’al seeds there is nothing more rewarding than giving you the best cannabis seeds to reconnect with that divinity